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Got a question about Car Finance? Then check out the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below (simply click to reveal the answer).

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How do I apply for Car Finance?

To apply for car finance you can either contact us directly if you Click here

Or you can call us now on 01474 708299

You can also try our Finance Calculator first to give you an indication of how the finance will be calculated.

Must I choose my car before applying?

It is up to you whether you choose your vehicle before or after, but if you apply for finance first then you will know your budget before choosing your car.

Can I buy a car from anywhere?

We have set a very broad criteria for both cars and dealers, so you are able to choose with very little restrictions. Sellers do however need to pass specific checks in order to be eligible.

How much will finance cost?

The amount of your repayments and the total end figure depends on may different factors - the cost of the vehicle, the duration of the finance and your credit rating for example. You can calculate an estimate by using our FInance Calculator

I have a bad credit rating, can I still get finance?

Here at Westwood4Finance we have numerous lenders who specialise in providing finance to people with poor or bad credit ratings. If you are unsure of your credit rating and want more information please take a look at our credit information section called How do you rate?

I am self-employed, can I still get finance?

Yes, Westwood4Finance are happy to receive applications from people who are self-employed.

Do I need a full driving licence?

This will depend on the lender. Here at Westwood4Finance we are able to help put people together with lenders who can supply finance for different types of licences (including a provisional licence)

How long will I have to wait for a decision?

Your application will be processed in a timely fashion and if received early enough we would look to supply you with a decision the same day.

Will I require a deposit?

Some lenders may ask for a small deposit, but in the majority of cases no.

Do I need to be above a certain age?

Younger applicants who do not have any credit history may require a guarantor, but we aim to help all drivers regardless of age and applicants between the age of 18 to 21 will also be considered

What types of vehicle can I get finance for?

Westwood4Finance provides options for a huge selection of vehicle types, from cars to motorbikes to vans


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